Request your CALWhat are the criteria for obtaining your CAL?

What are the criteria for obtaining your CAL?

You have to:

  1. Have a disability: a deficiency, an incapacity
    • Have this disability long-term
    • Have difficulty carrying out your daily activities.
  2. Be 5 years of age or older
  3. Be a resident of Quebec (for non-residents, please refer to this page).
  4. Need the help of someone accompanying you to participate in a leisure, cultural, or tourist activities
    • You need this companion for at least one of the following reasons:
      • To communicate with others:
        Understand information or allow interaction with others, despite the availability of technical aids.
      • To complete the activity safely:
        Prevent behavior that could jeopardize your safety or that of others due to unpredictable reactions or to help adequately manage reactions, which can sometimes be sudden and significant.
      • To help you with your personal needs:
        Using the toilet: sitting down, getting up, cleaning yourself, drying yourself off; change the protective pants; to dress or undress; ensure the taking of medications or for certain medical care; change of dressings; etc.
      • To feed yourself:
        Bring food to mouth, cut food, monitor food intake, including potential swallowing problems, risk of suffocation; ensure the appropriateness of eating behaviors; avoid throwing food or picking from other people’s plates, etc. or for complex nutritional care, parenteral nutrition, intravenous hyperalimentation.
      • To move about:
        Carry out transfers, reposition yourself regularly in the wheelchair, accompany due to an unsafe endeavour with or without technical assistance, propel the wheelchair over a long distance, due to fatigue, lack of strength, or to avoid risk of falling on the stairs.
      • To orient yourself:
        Orient oneself in time, obtain landmarks, and recognize people or property.
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