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Message important - Avant de débuter votre demande

Prenez note qu'en raison d'un fort volume de demandes de la CAL, le délai de traitement peut varier de 2 à 6 semaines actuellement, particulièrement pour les demandes qui ne sont pas faites via ce formulaire.

La carte violette et la carte bleue sont acceptées.

Carte accompagnement bleu
Carte accompagnement mauve
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See the section on support needs for more information. Please check the one or more that apply to you

Make sure you meet the criteria for the photo. <!--

Please make sure that your photo matches all the following criteria:

  • Mandatory format : jpeg.
  • Minimum dimensions : 300 pixels (width) by 300 pixels (height).
  • A passport size photo is required (shoulders to head).
  • The photo must have been taken within the last six (6) months.
  • The photo must be clear.
  • Both black and white or colour photos are accepted.
  • Les photos prises avec un cellulaire sont acceptées (des épaules à la tête), si envoi fait par courriel.

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  • present the card to partner organizations that recognize it;
  • choose a person who is able to act as an accompanying party and meet my needs for a safe and proper conduct of the activity;
  • inform the AQLPH of any change in coordinates, or if ma card is lost, stolen or broken;
  • comply with the prohibition to lend the card to another person.
  1. you are a recipient of one of the following government programs and measures;
  2. and that you are able to provide evidence to support it.

PDF format required.

  1. you already hold one of the following accompanying cards that required a professional assessment of your support needs;
  2. and are able to attach a photocopy.

PDF format required.

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This card is issued by the Association québécoise pour le loisir des personnes handicapées (AQLPH), with the support of the regional authorities responsible for the recreation of persons with disabilities and the financial participation of the Government of Quebec.

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